Focus on the pleasure of driving, Altur Fleet takes care of the rest!

“Altur Fleet, which provides instant solutions to the transportation needs of many companies with its economical and hassle-free transportation alternatives, has a wide vehicle network covering all brands and models of vehicles sold in our country. ”

You can choose the most suitable vehicle for your company with the options appropriate to your needs, usage and budget. Moreover, you never lose time for car maintenance, summer-winter tire changes and taxes on the vehicles you rent from Altur Filo. In the event of an accident and failure which should require the vehicle to remain in service, another equivalent vehicle is given to you free of charge and you do not interrupt your work. All these needs are met by Altur, and you only have a pleasant driving experience.

In addition to the high quality and privileged driving pleasure that we offer with years of experience, our after-sales support is very important for us with our 24/7 live service professionals. For every situation after sales; we listen to all your problems and offer instant solutions with our professional and expert employees. Additionally, all kinds of reporting such as damage, maintenance, tire, HGS-OGS system passages, automobile insurance and traffic fines are prepared and shared with you by our experienced staff.

Because Altur desires to make your life easier with both pre-sale and after-sale solutions!