We are the leaders in Turkey in Personnel Transportation!

By adding leading companies of our country to our service network, we continue to grow each day and to be the best in the sector by adding strength to our power.

With this growth, we attach great importance to the professional and personal competencies of our employees, who are one of the most important elements of our service quality, we prioritize customer satisfaction with our staff, who use the technology completely and follow the changes in the sector.

Satisfaction” is one of the most important issues that we pay attention to in the field of Personnel Transportation Services. For this purpose, we attach great importance to making transportation within a short time with comfortable and wide equipment.

Approximately 250,000 personnel are transported daily with 8,500 service vehicles. Equipped with high technology in communication, our operation personnel contact customer managers in case of a disruption to service and solve problems instantly and on-site.


The most efficient and effective way to improve our service quality is to continuously train our drivers. These planned trainings are repeated each year regularly.

Training topics;

  • Communication – Customer Relations Training
  • Traffic regulations and Traffic Safety
  • Work Safety Trainings
  • Environment Safety Trainings
  • First Aid Training


An independent audit team has been formed in order to observe the non conformance at its place by separating the operation of the service we give from the “person who does the work”, and with the aim to increase our service quality. The audit team prepares a report in accordance with the audit results regarding the non conformances it has detected. The detected non conformances are monitored together with the Quality Unit.

  • Control of dress code conformability,
  • Control of Vehicle Interior – Exterior Cleanliness conformability,
  • Control of legal Documentation (Vehicle Inspection – Traffic Insurance – Exhaust Emission –License Appropriate for the vehicle, etc.) conformability,
  • Control of Traffic set (Mounting, Lever Jack, Trail Rope, Safety Chain, Reflector, Spare Tire, etc) conformability,
  • Control of First Aid Set conformability,
  • Control of Fire Extinguisher conformability,
  • Control of Tire tread depth conformability and
  • Alcoholometry are done.

Our Driver Standards

“It is an important element in our understanding of quality service that all our drivers are dressed in accordance with our Uniform Dress Code and have their daily personal care.”

Our drivers;

  • ✓ have been subjected to psych technical test and received first aid and emergency response and advanced driving techniques trainings.
  • ✓ Obey the traffic rules. They are all polite, friendly and understanding towards the staff they carry.
  • ✓ Pay attention to customer satisfaction.
  • ✓ Aware of the importance of human beings and human life.

Our Vehicle Standarts

Altur Turizm; continues its growth by adding leading firms in our country each day to its service network.

With this growth, by continuously improving professional and individual competence of the personnel it employs, is forming teams who have command of management systems, who can use technology efficiently, who act and build upon customer demands and expectations, who follow changes in the sector.

Each day approximately 200 thousand personnel are carried with our 250 projects and 8000 service vehicle. Our operation personnel are equipped with the latest possibilities technology offers on communication, being able to solve inconveniences immediately and at its place by immediately contacting our company, customer’s manager and personnel and arranging the necessary coordination.